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Coming with kids

We really like having kids in the gym! They are such amazing climbers!!!

The Regina Climbing Centre is NOT a gym where you can enjoy chill time while your child  plays unsupervised.

We get asked all the time what the best age to start rock climbing. It really depends on the climber. Probably the best guide we can offer is that our classes start at six years of age. If you want to start earlier we find that a passion for playground monkey bars is a good indicator. If they are always on the monkey bars or longingly looking at them throughout the winter then they may have the strength for rock climbing.

Child Safety Guidelines and Policy

Rock climbing can be a dangerous sport, especially for inexperienced kids while bouldering as there is no rope. Fall hazard from other climbers is especially high and we do not want to see anyone hurt. At the Regina Climbing Centre we love climbing and sincerely want to you, your child and the other climbers in the gym to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

A child is any climber under twelve (12) years of age.

* It is our expectation you are actively engaged coaching/climbing with your child at all times for the duration of your time in the bouldering area.

* Your child must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult (18+), at all times.

We do offer lots of kids classes at all levels where we coach the skills required to climb. If your kids are in one of our classes we supervise your them so feel free to whip out that laptop and work away.

*Adult to kid ratio must not exceed 1:2.

* You must take the “intro to bouldering with kids” course to access the bouldering area with children under twelve.

* Kids in the bouldering area must be with a supervising adult or under the direction of a staff member teaching a class at all times.

* If your child is NOT climbing, the child must be within arms reach of supervising adult and both remain completely off the bouldering mat surface until the next climb.

* If your child IS bouldering, the child must be within direct line of sight of supervising adult and climbing in accordance with the intro to bouldering with kids course.

* No travel shall be permitted under the bouldering arch or jumping (parkour stunts) off of the top of the arch or down-climb at any time.

* Use of handheld devices is not permitted on the mats.

* RCC youth team members are considered under the supervision of the coaching staff and may access the bouldering area.

* Failure to comply will result in restriction of access to the bouldering area. The sport of bouldering just might not be for you. There are lots of fun climbs to be had on our many auto-belay routes.

Intro to RCC Bouldering with kids classes are $35/participant with gear and day-pass included.